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Drinkware Accessories

  • RSVP Endurance Drink Straws (RSVP SIP 4) RSVP Endurance Drink Straws

    RSVP Endurance Drink Straws

    The set of four stainless steel straws are ideal for cold beverages, milk shakes and dinner party cocktails. You can feel good about going green with these stylish, sleek, and modern stainless steel straws! They are durable, scratch and rust resistant,...

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  • RSVP Endurance Frozen Drink Straws RSVP Endurance Frozen Drink Straws

    RSVP Endurance Frozen Drink Straws

    Reduce your plastic footprint on the planet with our durable, reusable, set of 4 polished stainless steel drinking straws. The 8-1/2″ long size and bigger diameter make them perfect for fruit smoothies, milkshakes and floats. Although the straws...

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  • RSVP Endurance Spoon-Straws

    RSVP Endurance Spoon-Straws

    It’s a spoon… it’s a straw… it’s pure genius! Perfect for ice cream floats and other frozen delights, our 8-1/2″ long spoon-straws are ready to help you scoop and sip treats with just one clever utensil. Set of 4...

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