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  • HIC Coffee Grinder Brush (HIC 42130)

    HIC Coffee Grinder Brush

    Keep your coffee grinder clean with this HIC brush. It is made with natural bristles and a wooden handle. Designed to brush away coffee grounds from between your grinder's blades. The handle is easy to hold and the bristles make it easy to get in harder...

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  • Swedish Style Pastry Brush

    Swedish Style Pastry Brush

    Brush made from natural boar bristles. Versatile tool for multiple uses. Made from natural beech wood from a sustainable forest. BPA Free and Food Safe. Swedish Style Pastry Brush The 7” long Swedish Pastry Brush is ideal for egg washes, basting...

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  • Trudeau Pastry Brush Trudeau Pastry Brush

    Trudeau Large Pastry Brush - Mint

    Trudeau Large Pastry Brush - Mint Prepare the perfect pastries with this Silicone Large Pastry Brush with specially designed bristles to hold maximum liquid. It is non-stick and will not scratch bowls or cookware. It's made of a single piece of...

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